Welcome to Smith Green, a website dedicated to printing and all of its forms.


We are an online business that is involved in all types of printing and everything that comes with it. We share guides about alternative and original prints and how to do them, and we also work in the industry as we take orders and print on demand.


The latest news in this industry is a slow comeback of alternative printing that focuses on art (gravure, screen-prints and so on). Whether this is just a thing that will last for a month or two or something that will stick around for longer is still unknown.


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Those interested in alternative forms of printing can read our articles and check our videos where we show you how to do it as we support all forms of this industry.

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Need a business card or a flyer? Well, you came to the right place as we print upon request. Give us some general guidelines, and we will create a card or a flyer that will attract clients to your business or event.


Robert Fredrickson is the owner and creator of this blog. He was a highly successful member of a big printing enterprise, but he left it when he saw that there wasn’t any will to make progress and change. He created this blog to help the industry, and everyone in it, to develop and adapt to new challenges.

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