Printing industry and how students can practice

This industry is known for its passivity and general lack of innovations as it is more than often forgotten due to the popularity of other areas. This made a gap between printing and other fields which widened as years passed. People forgot that printing requires dedication and creativity and they focused on things that need less work.

The stagnation and passivity of the art came to an end several years ago due to increased need for creative thinking. More and more new people got interested in printing, and they started looking into new ways to screen-print, engrave and so on. This caused the rebirth of the printing as an art form and a way to express oneself.

Small workshops will help you evolve

A significant part of the population doesn’t know that printing isn’t just limited to newspapers and books. They don’t realize the artistic part of the industry, and thus it is almost forgotten. Those interested in creative printing have only two options to gain new knowledge about the art, they can either visit workshops or follow websites (for example our website) and learn from them. Being a part of a small workshop is a good option as it’s easier to learn from people that are there beside you rather than from those that are on the screen. But this option has its disadvantages that are evident.

First of all, the teacher in the workshop is specialized in one type of printing (gravure, screen printing, flexography and so on) and that limits some things that you can learn. If you aren’t interested in that particular type of printing, then you won’t find that workshop useful. There are limitations even if you are on the subject that the teacher specialized in. They might be good at it, but they will never be professionals (in some rare cases they are), and that means that you won’t be able to learn as much as you can learn from us.


Online workshops – The well of printing knowledge

Our company is one of a few that offers multiple types of printing as well as guides that help new people to get into the industry. We aren’t focused on one type of printing, and that gives us the flexibility to work with different people and to provide them with an opportunity to share their knowledge with our readers and us. We organize workshops that teach people everything about printing industry in the USA, as well as workshops that show interested individuals how to create art as well as articles with alternative forms of printing.

Our take on the online printing business

Our current goal is to expand our business and increase the number of collaborations which will, in turn, increase the number of virtual workshops that we make. We are satisfied with some people that are interested in all forms of printing, but we think that more people should join it. Check our site to see what new features we implement or subscribe, and you will get notified about everything we do.