The revival of printing industry in the USA

The whole printing industry was in a slump for a decade or so, and there weren’t any technological breakthroughs and new ideas to bring in some fresh air. This, however, changed in 2016 that saw a major increase in commercial shipments of prints (that kind of growth is highest in last twenty years). This is a clear sign that printing is back and that it might be back for good.

Another sign of its return is continuous print shipments over ten months that exceed seven billion dollars. Many think that this happened due an increased interest of young people for printing and alternative art. They find that printing is a good way to express oneself, and thus they get drawn into the printing industry.

Current state of the industry

The present condition of the printing industry is stable. It’s not great, but it follows the economy and it is coming back slowly. It still isn’t like it was back in 2000, but there is a positive atmosphere everywhere, and we hope that it will continue to progress in the right direction. Many though that the internet and its development would bury the printing industry, but that is far from being true as prints are still popular and there isn’t any decline. It’s true that there haven’t been any significant spikes in sales and popularity, but that doesn’t mean that this industry is dying. On the contrary, it proves that prints are still there and that they will stay.

The future of printing

futurePrinting industry has fallen back behind current technology, and that has to change in next several years. It still survives as it is, but new technologies are all focused on digital advancement and printing as the industry has to adapt to that. Any company that fails to change will disappear as their competition will take over their readers.

Digitalization of this area shouldn’t be complete, because that will turn newspapers and other printed media into blogs, and that won’t be a good thing. There is a clear line between those two, and we should try to stay on this side and still keep the printing alive.

Traditional forms of printing, which can’t be digitalized, are in danger of going instinct. That happened to many other areas in other industries, and we shouldn’t allow the same to happen to prints that exist for art rather than business. The future will be hard, but we have to try to preserve things like printing because they shaped, and they still form our society.

Printing is still alive and kicking

Yes, the future of this field looks grim and if we don’t join in, then it will become a thing of history in a decade or two. We still have some time to revive it, and we should do everything in our power to ensure its survival. The first step is partial digitalization as well as the salvation of alternative printing forms. If we can’t do these two, then our favorite field will disappear from the world.